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Meet Taryn

Award-winning Author,

wife, mom, Gramzie and motivational writer

Words. I love them! From child-poet to published songwriter to avid journaler, wonderful words are literally my love language.  Handwritten letters filled with encouragement sent across the globe have been my small way of brightening the world. 

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Celebrating the strength of the pen and the salve of the ink to uplift, heal and blow wind into sails.

Enjoy my heart in words.

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This was such a touching story, I really enjoyed it. I think it's a perfect story for parents and children to enjoy before bed to reflect on their own special bonds and traditions. But, I also think it would be a perfect story for children when a parent or grandparent ages and crosses over that bridge to heaven.

Ashly Jeremiah


Love the connection in the relationships! Beautifully illustrated! Vibrant colors! Cute story! I will definitely read this to my granddaughter! Bravo!

Marian Ford


This beautiful book is so elegantly written. The story pulls on the heart and will be that book you pass down generation to generation. A wonderful read with beautiful illustrations.

Laura Schaumer


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