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A delightful story of Mommy and Little Girl, The Silver Hairbrush encourages generational mother and daughter connections through purposeful play and uplifting conversations. The love between a mother and child endures through every season of life. A keepsake read for every grandmother of girls!

Paperback and Hardcover are available on Amazon.

E-book on Kindle. 

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Not your ordinary activity book!  Designed for use when shoulder-to-shoulder, elbow-to-elbow with a grown-up. Encourages sharing through questions prompts, there's no doubt new memories and meaningful connections will be crafted along the way. For kids 4 through 9. 

Available on Amazon.


The same delightful story...

Now in Portuguese, 

Spanish, French and Hawaiian.

Paperback and Hardcover  available

on Amazon. 

E-book on Kindle. 

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Especially Today: A Tale of Unexpected Kindness, is a lively rhyming story of a thoughtful little she-mouse and one very frazzled mama!  Find out what all the fuss is about. 

Coming Soon!

Paperback and Hardcover will be available on Amazon. 

E-book on Kindle. 

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