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Everyone is looking for the best possible price for quality these days. We compare, we analyze, we rationalize, and sometimes only to be left paralyzed in indecisiveness. We head to the clearance rack in hopes we can find something both appealing and in our price point.

When there was a price to be paid for us, without hesitation, a Hero stepped forward. This hero didn't try to bargain down the cost, didn't rummage through the bin of freebies, He didn't clip coupons...He didn't head to the clearance shelf. This hero, Jesus, paid FULL PRICE.


This was the cost for freedom, salvation and life eternal for the wayward hearts of a fallen population. He was fully cognizant of the reality of this cost. He was painfully aware of the suffering, shame, rejection and spilt blood this path would require. Still He said, "YES!" And what of this Hero's Father?

What of His angst to witness His beloved paying with such a sacrificial death? His heartbreak of turning His face away from one so dear. Knowing the true cost of His rejection, He paid the price as well.

Taking the NATIONS is costly. The cost of time, effort, relationship, loneliness, and many times, lives. Yet, no price paid is greater than that of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords laying down His crown, taking off His kingly robe, leaving all of heaven for a extraordinarily ordinary life. Forging earthly relationships to usher in the reality of the kingdom of God, teaching kingdom principles wrapped up in palatable stories galvanized by the Holy Spirit's power.

My friend, if ever you hear whispers of worthlessness, you just remember the cost Jesus and His Father paid for you. If ever you think this world is too big for your seemingly little efforts to make a difference, just remember the great divide our Lord traversed to be the One that changed your destiny.

Beloved, the NATIONS need you.

They need the message of their worth.

They need the message of the price paid for hope.

They need the message no matter the cost.

Will you be His hands, His feet, and His voice?

If not YOU to pay it forward, then who?

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