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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Throughout life, one collects many things.

In childhood, I gathered shells on shoreline strolls, stickers for my sticker book, small stuffed toys, and a variety of lip gloss in fruity flavors.

As a teen, I'd gather Archie comic books, notes passed in class, sketchbooks and friends' secrets.

As a young adult: college textbooks, high heels, part-time jobs, handbags and nights out with my inner circle.


"Many times, though, I gathered my sanity so I could find the joy in the craziness."


New motherhood had me gathering toys strewn about, picture books, Cheerios and pacifiers. Many times, though, I gathered my sanity so I could find the joy in the craziness.

As a mom of teens, I gathered books on talking to your adolescent, tough love and hand made signs to support my athlete from the bleachers. And, I gathered the promises God gave me for each of them so not to be swayed by what my eyes could currently see.

In middle-age, my gatherings were college students and sporadic FaceTime conversations, empty rooms, and photo album perusing. But undeniably, prayers for blessed and successful lives for those babies.

And now, in seasoned motherhood and empty nesting, I gather the remnant belongings of relocated children reminiscent of childhood pursuits. I gather the wisdom learned through trying times, the memories of parents since passed, and the thanks of adult children for the years of steady love and discipline.

I gather the fruit of watching my children serve in ministry and trusting Jesus. I gather the hopes of the many grandchildren yet to come.

At the end of my life, I would have gathered love, the richness of relationships, the appreciation of life decisions and missteps, and the joy of having known Jesus the majority of my days.

Yes, if I attempted to count all I've gathered, my blessings would outnumber the stars.

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1 Comment

Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking, heart throbbing, beautiful look into all the "replays" of life from a mother's view. Every day I open the lid to my treasure chest of gathered memories and reflect on each one. I am blessed.

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