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I hate you. COVID 19. You have succeeded in awakening the godly anger. How dare you come and flaunt yourself here. Understood, this is your domain, this fallen earth. You have stolen breaths, and lives, and memories, and hopes of what could have been. You have hovered arrogantly over the front line workers, those touching and tending the sick, with whisperings in their ears causing fear for their lives and that of their families. You watch them cry, you watch their heart break every time they've done all that they can do and still, another goes into eternity alone without family. You smirk when they suffer from exhaustion, or fear for their own safety. You celebrate that you've brought the world to its knees. You've made the world wince in cowardice, headlining you as a fearsome and worthy opponent. Every sign of victory you try to squash with your flippant disregard for human life.

How dare you steal breath, when God gave it.

How dare you try to break the economy of this world. As if the almighty dollar is the foundation this nation rests upon. You take pleasure in knowing families will suffer, homes will break because of the stress, and the lack of money. How dare you? You accelerate your spread because you know your time is short, your end is near. So we mask and wash and glove ourselves to keep you at bay.

You've stolen the intimacy in friendships and familial relationships. You've robbed us of hugging, hand-holding, kisses on the lips and cheeks, and the HA in our culture.

How dare you rob us of touch, when God touched the side of Adam to bring from it beauty.

How dare you steal the closeness Jesus showed as He healed and comforted.

You've made distance and isolation the norm, knowing full well that it could be the undoing of the already lonely, the already addicted, the already depressed population. You cast your assault first on the older generation, those that have a weakened immune system, taking out nation after nation of innocents. Then you waited. As the millennials cast caution to the wind, you strike, now taking the younger generation, stripping away their sense of invincibility, taking their gumption that is a God-given gift of youth having great purpose within them. Then you did the unthinkable, you took children, and babies, the most innocent of all. How I absolutely hate you.

Well, Let ME tell YOU something.

Something that your lord already knows. Even as he concocted this plan from the sulphur-oozing pit from where you came, he knew this. His demise. His downfall. His end. Every day, your name echoes a multitude of times on so many different platforms. Ad nauseum. The havoc you wreak, the disarray, the befuddlement of the greatest medical and scientific minds. But even your name, the great fearsome COVID-19, will BOW TO THE MOST HIGH NAME OF JESUS. None can escape HIS great and glorious name. And you are no different. The fear? God has not given us a spirit of fear but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND. The whisperings? We take EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE and bring it to the obedience of Christ. The smirk on your face brought on by their tears? HE is close to the BROKEN HEARTED and HIS EARS ATTEND to their prayers.

The stress? JEHOVAH SHALOM, peace.

The lack? JEHOVAH JIREH, provision.

The symptoms? JEHOVAH ROPHE, healing.

The isolation and distancing? JEHOVAH SHAMMAH, He is there.

Oh you think we won't win? JEHOVAH NISSI, our banner of success.

Your hope to abate the weak and the addicted, JEHOVAH ROHI, He will lead as shepherd to restful places.

Broken families are restored, the disconnect is repaired, and amidst this horrifying global pandemic you take pleasure in, people are still falling in love, still having babies, still loving their families with kindness. And your biggest threat of all, THE CHURCH, IS STILL THRIVING!! We are growing in record speed because we humble ourselves, we pray, we seek His face and we repent from our wickedness and HE HEARS US, HE FORGIVES US, HE HEALS OUR LAND. How dare you attempt this coup. Our greatest weapon THE BLOOD OF JESUS covers the humble, the surrendered, the prayerful, and the repentant. You have leveled our playing field. You have united humans on a grand scale. We have been catapulted into the thought of eternity without the ALMIGHTY God and that scares us more than the thought of the unmighty YOU.

And you know what? YET, even after your worst, after stolen breaths, and premature eternity, and inconsolable grief of those who've loved the taken, WE STILL WIN! WE WIN! WE WIN heaven, WE WIN the joy and presence of God, WE WIN a heavenly mansion, and life eternal. And you, covid nineteen, are diminished to a microscopic germ-sized distant memory.



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